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Nagaoka Quality

We work tirelessly to stay at the top of the field. Challenging ourselves, diligently.
Our engineers are enthusiastic about manufacturing machine tools, and their passion contributes to global engineers manufacturing other products.

Message from the President

We have been supplying innovative,
high quality products from the city of Nagaoka to our customers worldwide.

Hiroshi Yasukawa, President

KURAKI Co., Ltd. was founded in 1938 in Nagaoka — located in Niigata Prefecture of Japan — and it has been growing as a company to support the foundation of manufacturing ever since. Nagaoka is a city filled with traditional crafts and cultures. Inheriting the history and culture of Nagaoka, we have continuously strived to improve our technologies.

KURAKI’S technologies and machines are called “Mother Machines (machines that manufacture machines),” and they generally do not get much attention. However, it is exactly because they aren’t widely recognized that they must be carefully evaluated for progress.
For 80 years, we have been doing just that, and continuously evolving with our customers.

We have expanded our business not only in Japan but globally. Our products are used in the manufacturing of your electric appliances, automobiles, aircrafts, ships, and smartphones, supporting the development of a wide array of technologies. We believe this is all because we have listened to and made full use of feedback from our customers when developing our technologies.

KURAKI will continue to take pride in supplying innovative products of the highest quality — what we call “Nagaoka Quality” — from our here in Japan to our customers worldwide.

Hiroshi Yasukawa, President

Business Areas

The core businesses of our company focuses on the development, manufacturing and sale of “machine tools”. Our product portfolio comprises Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines especially designed for heavy duty machining in large-sized and heavy workpieces. This flagship of our company is offered in various models tailored to the specific customer’s requirements. The technologies developed and refined in the course of the design of these boring mills enabled us to also engage in the manufacture of “special machinery” for high-precision machining and mass production in a wide variety of applications such as automotive engineering, ship building and medical equipment. These technologies combined from perfect synergies to continuously increase our know-how and experience enabling us to provide manufacturers with highly efficient and high-value machines which frequently lead to the development of innovative products.

Corporate Slogan
“Technology for the World”

Our consistent development to improve our products and our 100% commitment to state-of-the-art technology puts us on par with other global companies – now and in the future. The achievements of customers using KURAKI machine tools can be seen from the history of KURAKI Co., Ltd. In a world of “globalization” and ever-increasing competition, we feel it is our responsibility to continue supplying manufacturers around the world with our efficient ‘deep cutting’ machines and define our corporate slogan anew. We accept the challenge, with courage and dedication.

Our vision

Development for the future
We will advance along with global trends and our customers needs through active business development.
Creating reliable values
We will create reliable values that meet our customers’ needs and share them for the future.
Contribution to society
We will contribute to the society through respecting the local network and developing a company
friendly to people and the environment.
Leaping ahead by willingly taking on challenges
We will enthusiastically take on the challenges of the 21st century to continue advancing to
new technologies and new fields.

Company Profile

Company Name KURAKI Co.,Ltd.
Head Office and Plant 1-2-1 Jooka, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-8603 Japan
Phone +81-258-35-3040
Facsimile +81-258-35-6249
Business Manufactures machine tools and provides after-sales service.
Capital 954 Million Japanese Yen
President Hiroshi Yasukawa
Shareholder KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD. (100%)
Employees 262 persons(As of April 1,2023)

Corporate History

2017 Development of the KBM-11EM/11SX/11S CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
2011 KURAKI TAIWAN Co.,Ltd. Assembly plant was completed
2010 Development of the KBT-13T. A CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine, Establishment of KURAKI TAIWAN Co., Ltd.
2008 Establishment of the Kitakyushu office
2007 Expansion of the large-scale assembly plant (Factory No.8)
2005 Establishment of the Fukuyama office, Establishment of KURAKI SHANGHAI Co.,Ltd.
2001 Development of the KBT-15MAX large-scale CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
2000 Development of the KIP series (KIP-25/50, 300)
1999 Quality Management pursuant to ISO9001
1998 Development of the 3D MYPAC CAD/CAM system
1997 Development of the KGD-20BCDX Gun Drill Machine
1996 Development of the KBT-11W.A/13.A CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
1994 Development of the KBM-11.A CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
1992 Installation of the FMS line machine plant
1991 Development of the CNC Notching Machine
1990 Completion of the Technical Center
1985 Expansion of the assembly plant (Factory No.5)
1984 Development of the MYPAC CAD/CAM system
1983 Development of the CMN-5B CNC Combined Milling Machine
1968 Development of the KBT-602 Horizontal Boring Machine & Milling Machine, KBT-1001 Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine and Slitter Line
1964 Development of the CM-5 combined Milling Machine
1961 Development of the DAO-70T Horizontal Boring Machine & Milling Machine
1951 Company name changed to KURAKI Co., Ltd.
1949 Establishment of Kurashiki machine Industrial Co., Ltd.
1944 Became Hokuetsu works of Kurabo Industries Ltd.
1938 Establishment of Nihon Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd.
Corporate History(Photo of Kurashiki Machinery Co., Ltd. at the time of its establishment in 1949)

Our approach to SDGs

KURAKI Co., Ltd., aims to contribute to achieving SDGs through its corporate activities.

  • Reduction of environmental loads by producing and selling high efficiency machine tools
  • Streaming energy consumption
  • Promoting diversity & inclusion
  • Creating a safe and friendly work environment