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CNC horizontal boring mill  AKB-11(6000rpm)/AKB-13(6000rpm)

Boring spindle diameter:130mm Spindle speed:6000min-1 Table size:1800×2000mm Table maximum loading capacity:12000Kg

6000min-1 with Two Speed Gearbox  Best Accessibility with Long Nose Spindle

  • 6000 RPM Geared Spindle with 37(S3 25%)/22kW (50/30 HP ) motor and 1158 Nm (854 ft.lbs) high torque.
  • Column Traverse design provides best accessibility and chip & coolant disposal.
  • Wide machining Area, X axis 3000mm (118.11"), Y axis 2000mm(78.74"), Z axis 1600mm (62.99"), W axis 700mm (27.56")
  • Standard Built-in Rotary Table with 12000kg (26400 lbs) loading capacity
Model Name--AKB-11 (6000rpm)AKB-13 (6000rpm)
StrokeX axis travel (table longitudinal) (mm (inch)) 2000(78.74) 3000(118.11)
Y axis travel (spindle vertical)(mm (inch)) 1500 (59.06) 2000 (78.74)
Z axis travel (column cross)(mm (inch)) 1500(59.06) 1600(62.99)
W axis travel (spindle axial)(mm (inch)) --
TableTable work space(mm (inch)) 1400x1600(55.12x62.99) 1800×2000 (70.87×78.74)
Table maximum loading capacity(kg (lbs)) 6500(14300) 12000 (26400)
Spindle HeadBoring spindle diameter(mm (inch)) 110(4.33) 130(5.12)
Spindle speed(for every 1min-1) 5~300010~6000
FeedRapid traverse[X・Y・Z]
(m (inch) /min)
12(472.44) 10(393.70)
(m (inch)/min)
6(236.22) 6(236.22)
Feedrate[X・Y・Z] (mm (inch)/min)1~6000(0.04~236.22) 1~4000(0.04~157.48)
-[W] (mm (inch)/min)1~6000(0.04~236.22) 1~4000(0.04~157.48)
Table revolution(min-1)2.01.4

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