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Horizontal Machining Center  KZM-14R

Spindle speed: 5000min-1 Table size :1200×1200mm Table maximum loading capacity :5000Kg

Top of the class heavy-duty cutting machine with power, high speed, and small footprint

  • Deep cutting of molds and difficult-to-machine materials, efficient deep drilling, and small footprint
  • Maximum torque of 2123 Nm by 3-steps geared spindle
  • Square slideway guiding ensures high rigidity, satisfying severe mold-machining conditions.
StrokeX axis travel (table longitudinal)
(mm (inch)) 1700(66.92)
Y axis travel (spindle vertical)(mm (inch)) 1200 (47.24)
Z axis travel (column cross)(mm (inch)) 1000 (39.37)
Distance from table centerline to spindle end (mm (inch)) 375~1375 (14.76~54.13)
Maximum evacuation distance from table edge to spindle end (mm (inch)) 775 (30.15)
TableTable work space(mm (inch)) 1200×1200 (47.24×47.24)
Table maximum loading capacity(kg (lbs)) 5000
Table top profile22mm (0.87inch) 7T slots
Table auto.indexing(deg)0.001(every 90°index. by locate pin)
Spindle HeadSpindle tip diameter (mm (inch)) 120(4.72)
Spindle bearing I.D. (mm (inch)) 140(5.51)
Maximum torque (Nm)2123
Spindle speed(for every 1min-1) 5~5000
Spindle speed change range (step) 3
FeedRapid traverse[X・Y・Z]
(m (inch) /min)
(mm (inch)/min)
Table revolution[B] (min-1)3

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