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KURAKI’s High-Quality One-pass Honing

The KIP series was created by taking advantage of KURAKI’s numerous machine tool development technologies, such as high-precision positioning and high-precision boring spindle technology. The revolutionary technology of one-pass honing, which enables small-diameter precision grinding of φ1 to 50 mm with a single tool action, greatly contributes to shortening the machining process and expanding the machining variation of workpieces.

One-pass machining that dramatically improves the efficiency of precision grinding

One-pass honing is a revolutionary process that achieves high-precision grinding with a single pass of a tool through the inner diameter of a workpiece. By applying rotary infeed motion and fine vibration simultaneously to the dedicated electrodeposition grinding wheel while making a single up-and-down pass, the entire process from rough grinding to finish honing and mirror finishing can be performed with a single machine. Compared to conventional honing, machining time is overwhelmingly short and tact time is constant, thus realizing efficiency and stability of the production line.

The micro-vibration effectively discharges chips, preventing clogging and scratching of the workpiece. In addition, the grinding agent is supplied smoothly, which prevents the temperature raise between of the workpiece and grinding wheel.

In-house Designed Tool for High-precision

Diamond/CBN tools developed exclusively for the KIP series are designed and managed by our experienced engineers according to the customer’s processing requirements. Abrasive grains can be regenerated many times by re-electrodeposition, resulting in excellent cost performance. The high grain retention strength enables removal of approximately 0.1 mm in diameter from hardened steel in a single pass, depending on the machining conditions. Tool diameter adjustment, a troublesome task, has been made overwhelmingly easy.

A high-precision collet chuck is employed at the end of the main spindle unit to improve repeatability through tool changes. Further automation is possible by adding an automatic tool expander and ATC as an option.

Suitable for a Wide Variety of Workpiece Materials and Shapes

One-pass honing enables heavy-duty grinding of workpieces with a large grinding allowance by setting the oscillation width and frequency. Since the chips are cut short, soft and difficult-to-machine materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, which are prone to clogging, are also handled with our machine. The spindle rotation and vibration can be driven separately. Polishing and other operations with feed and vertical vibration are also possible. (Except for KIP-50 and KIP-200)

  • Examples of materials that can be processed
    Cast iron, steel (hardened steel), stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, cemented carbide, ceramics, etc.
  • Examples of machined shapes
    Keyway, hole with through hole, irregular shape
Industries Automotive Hydraulic equipment Ceramics
Product Name Injectors Gears Sleeve Valve Body Sleeve/Bushing
Shape インジェクター 歯車 スリーブ スリーブ スリーブ
Dimensions φ6×23mm φ16×20mm φ10×65mm φ18×50mm φ2.5×12mm
Material SUS440C SCM220 Aluminum FCD500 Ceramics
Machining Process 3 3 2 2 4
Machining Time 18sec 12sec 12sec 30sec 18sec
Machining Accuracy Roundness 0.2μm 0.3μm 0.5μm 0.6μm 1.0μm
Cylindricality 0.4μm 0.5μm 1.5μm 2.0μm 1.0μm
Surface Roughness Rz 0.2μm Rz 0.5μm Ra 0.7μm Rmax 1.5μm Rmax 1.5μm
Machining allowance 30μm 80μm 50μm 30μm 10μm
Model KIP-50 KIP-300 KIP-300 KIP-300 KIP-50

Note: The above values are machined under certain conditions.