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Specialized machine for internal diameter precision machining
(One-pass honing machine) KIP Series

The final solution for small-diameter hole precision machining!
Achieving high-precision and heavy-duty grinding in one-pass.

  • One-pass machining with specially designed diamond/CBN tools that realizes a wide range of machining and drastically reduces machining time.
  • Capable of machining a wide variety of materials including cast iron, steel (hardened steel), stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc.
  • Systems including automatic transporters, jigs, devices, covers, etc., for productivity improvement and automation needs are available.

Features of One-pass Machining

By applying rotary infeed (horizontal grinding) and fine vibration (vertical grinding) to the tool, high-precision machining of cylindricity, straightness, surface roughness, etc. can be achieved in a short time with only one pass of the tool through the workpiece.
KURAKI's High-Quality One-pass Honing

List of Main Specifications

Item (Unit) KIP-e50 KIP-e50AKIP-e200KIP-e200AKIP-e300 KIP-e300A
Machining Max. machining diameter (mm)φ10 φ25φ50φ30
Max. stroke (mm)300400
Distance from base top to spindle tip (mm)195~495200~600
Distance from spindle center to column (mm)105125120
Main Spindle Spindle speed (min-1)100~5000100~4000
Spindle torque(Nm) 1.34.811.115.9
Shank hole diameter x depth (mm)φ6×25φ16×40φ20×50φ16×50
Feed Feed speed (mm/min)5~300005~15000
Vibration Frequency (Hz)Synchronized with spindle / 2x / 3.5x Max25
Amplitude (mm)0.2/0.50.5
Coolant Tank capacity (L)3060100
Machine mass Machine weight (kg)60065090095014001500
ATCNumber of tools 4410
Attachment Automatic tool extension device OptionOptionOption

Overall dimensions




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