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Stator Core Cutting Machine for EV Motors
CNC Notching Machine KNCP Series

Adopts CNC and achieves the world's fastest speed of 1000 spm.
High accuracy and labor saving.

The KNCP Series Notching Machine evolved based on KURAKI's large machine tool manufacturing technology. In addition to high-precision indexing and high-speed punching technologies, it includes an optimal automation system with various options supports high-mix, small-lot production and test processing. Enables flexible processing to meet diversifying needs.

  • Ideal for high-mix, small-lot production of stator cores and rotor cores for electric motors, generators, etc.
  • CNC indexing mechanism can provide many necessary options for motor and generator production.
  • AC servo motors are applied for indexing, and a highly reliable FANUC controller is applied for high accuracy and speed.

High-speed machining supports multiple product types and small-diameter machining (φ50~)

Slot grooves can be punched continuously at high speeds of up to 1000 spm on steel plate base materials, making this press machine ideal for high-mix, small-lot stamping of stators and rotors made of laminated steel plates, which would normally be too costly using conventional stamping machines. Automated systems with automatic conveyors and other equipment can also be provided.
KURAKI's Notching Technology

List of Main Specifications

Item (Unit) KNCP-6KNCP-8KNCP-10 KNCP-15KNCP-20
Pressing Capacity Stamping force
[1.0 mm above bottom dead center] (kgf)
6000800010000 1500020000
Blank diameter (mm)200~600300~1000500~1200
Blank thickness (mm)0.35~0.50.5~1.0
Shut height [under stroke, adjustable] (mm)190230
Shank hole diameter x depth (mm)φ32H7×70φ38H7×70
Throat depth (mm)280350
Bolster surface dimensions (mm)280×440280×460410×510
Distance between center of index axis and center of slide (mm)80×480230250×600
Ram Stroke (mm)25
Slide adjustment (mm)25
Number of strokes (SPM)100~1000100~600
Indexing axis Indexing angle (°)360
Number of indexing 4~500
Punching positioning Travel (mm)400350
Travel speed (mm/min)20~2000
Machine weight (including NC device) 40006900700081008300
CNC device FANUC

Overall dimensions

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