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Circular Seating Machine KRM Series

Special-purpose machine for efficient machining of large-diameter circular seating surfaces.

  • This is a specially designed machine tool that enables efficiency and low-cost machining of large-diameter swivel base sections of large workpieces such as construction machinery.
  • High-precision NC machining in all axes.
  • Adopts a highly reliable FANUC controller.
  • High torque and high horsepower for excellent cutting performance.

High work efficiency and excellent cost performance.

Circular seating surface can be efficiently machined by placing directly on the workpiece. By replacing the cutting tool, "hole," "tap," and "seat face" machining is possible.

List of Main Specifications

Item (Unit) KRM-910KRM-1110
Travel Spindle head down travel (Z)(mm)250
Maximum column travel (Y)(mm)360600
Cuttable center diameter (mm)Φ1070~1790Φ1450~2650
Main spindle Spindle taper hole BT №50(to be installed with pull-stud removed)
Spindle end diameter (mm)Φ128.5
Spindle speed (min-1)50~1500
Pull screw diameter M24
Feed speed Spindle vertical feed (mm/min)5~6000
Rotary cutting feed (min-1)0.03~0.09
Rotary rapid feed (min-1)10.5
Electric motor Electric motor for spindle (kW)7.5/11
Rotary feed shaft motor AC servo motor
Electric motor for spindle up/down feed AC servo motor with brake
Operation method Pendant operation panel type
Mounting base outer diameter ΦRΦ910Φ1110
NC device FANUC
Each dimension value of machine

Overall dimensions

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